About QUE

    The The Q Users Experience was established so that users of Q could collaborate, share information, create and communicate solutions of problems, and work together to enhance future development of the software. Users accomplish this through establishing personal relationships, presentations, discussions, formal and informal meetings, publications, and the QUE Forum.

    Our Vision

    The Q Users Experience is a vibrant, well informed and connected community.

    Our Mission

    The Q Users Experience in collaboration with Aequitas Solutions, promotes best practices and facilitates the exchange of information relating to the use of Q.

    Our Vision can only be achieved with the active participation of our community. The Board welcomes input from our community on how to better share information and create a connected community. As a member of the Q Users Experience, you are part of this vibrant community and we encourage everyone to participate.   As a user group we are fortunate to have a fantastic relationship with our partner, Aequitas Solutions.  Q is a powerful system that can be used in a multitude of ways.  With our Mission we want all users not only be successful with Q, but use the software to it’s fullest extent.  Everyone sharing with the community makes this possible.    Our Vision and Mission are built on our values.  Those actions that drives our work to achieve our Vision.


    We are all in this together!  



    The By-Laws define the QUE board positions, voting guidelines, and additional information regarding our organization. The By-Laws were last modified in May 2014.

    Articles of Incorporation

    The Articles of Incorporation establishes the legal status of ZNUG (Q Users Experience) as a non-profit corporation. Any proposed changes to the By-Laws must comply with the provisions of Washington state law (RCW 24.03) governing the formation and operation of non-profit corporations.